The Becher
The ideal gift for a new Bar Mitzvah



The Becher

This glass becher, designed to be given as a unique gift to a new Bar Mitzvah, should be used every Shabbos and Yom Tov.

When this new Bar Mitzvah then gets married in the future, this same glass should be shattered under the chuppah, providing a genuine sense of loss and sadness.

Giving The Becher as a gift to a new Bar Mitzvah will help connect him to his past, and grow into his future, while celebrating all of the milestones in between.

The Becher

We’ve all been there.

Sitting at a nice restaurant, enjoying the company of family or friends, when the waiter accidentally drops a glass off his serving tray.
He makes a valiant effort to try to catch it, but to no avail.
SHATTER goes the glass. MAZAL TOV! Cheers the patrons.
It’s a common scene, but few people stop to think about its significance. Where does this Mazal tov custom come from? Why are the restaurant patrons excited about this broken glass?

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